iLED: The LED surgical light for highest demands.

iLED is a true master in its class. The best light properties, greatest adaptability, and energy-efficient technologies all make the OR surgical light a fixed entity in the premium lamp segment.

The newest iLED generation proves that pioneering achievement means always being one step ahead. Equipped with latest high-performance technology for even greater user convenience and efficiency in the hospital.

During an operation, the entire surgical field has to be clearly visible. With iLED, TRUMPF offers you a premium OR surgical light that is among the best:

  • The unique multi-lens matrix ensures excellent distribution of light and the homogeneous illumination of the surgical site.
  • With the help of individually adjustable color temperature, contrasts can be improved and fatigue reduced.
  • Intelligent shadow management control ensures a better view in deep cavity procedures, e.g. deep, narrow wounds.

iLED 5

Count on a high-end surgical light with maximum light output, unrivaled functionality, and high adaptability.

iLED 3

The appropriate premium solution if you do not require all the lighting specifications of the high-end range.


Multi-lens matrix with a light output of up to 160,000 lux for optimal light conditions in the wound area.

User comfort.

Automatic focusing (ALC plus) and intuitive control of light intensity Sterile Light Control (SLC).


Color settings provide optimal contrast and resolution for any surgical procedures.


Uniform, homogeneous lighting for surface and deep cavity procedures, with innovative shadow management control.


Virtually unlimited life expectancy of the LEDs delivers reliability and protects your investment.


Low power consumption and durable LEDs minimize impact on the environment.


Integrated camera and TV systems for digital video transmission in high-resolution HD format.

iLED 5 iLED 3
Illumination level160.000 Lux160.000 Lux
Color temperature3.500 - 5.000 K3.500 - 5.000 K
Average service life of the LED40.000 h40.000 h
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

Anwendung / Einsatzgebiet

General Surgery Applications
Neuro Surgery Applications
Vascular and Cardiac Surgery Applications