TruLight 1000: Universally in use.

TruLight 1000 combines all of the essential features of Trumpf Medical innovative lighting solutions. Equipped with its LED light technology, the light offers high light output with low heat build-up, along with the highest possible cost-effectiveness.

TruLight 1000 excels as a mobile “allrounder”: with its light weight and ergonomic properties, the examination light is flexible and easy to use. Your application range: everywhere.

Trumpf Medical has used its extensive experience in OR light segments in the development of the TruLight 1000 examination lamp. The result: flexible application options, application comfort, and outstanding light properties for precise and efficient procedures.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Optimal light conditions through a highly developed multi-lens matrix
  • Comfortable positioning and slim design
  • Flexible use as ceiling, wall, or mobile solution
  • Energy-efficient and long-lived LED light heads

TruLight 1000: Universally in use.

TruLight 1000 is available in ceiling, wall, and mobile versions.

Innovative light output.

Compared to conventional halogen lamps, TruLight 1000 offers higher efficiency and light quality. The proven Trumpf Medical multi-lens matrix distributes the emitted light evenly over a uniform area and depth.

Simple handling.

TruLight 1000 is simple to position and can also be used in hygienically critical applications: thanks to its tuned support system, low weight, and sterilizable hand grip.

More cost-effectiveness.

The advantages of innovative LED technology make an essential contribution to the efficiency of the clinical work day, as is the case of TruLight 1000. The reason for this is the longer service life, reliability, low electricity usage and low heat build-up of the individual LED light modules.

Flexible application spectrum.

Because of its versatile application options and compact design, TruLight 1000 is part of the basic medical equipment of doctors’ practices and clinics.

TruLight 1000: Universally in use.
Illumination level80.000 Lux
Pattern size (d10) at 1.0 m16 cm
Color temperature4.500 K
Color rendering index95 Ra
Average service life of the LED40.000 h
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

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TruLight 1000