TruVidia Manager: To be simply connected.

The digital world’s advance into the OR is continuing apace – from the distribution of video signals, to the picture and video documentation of operations, to communication with the world outside the OR.

As well as accomplishing these tasks, TruVidia Manager optimizes workflows in the OR in its capacity as a hub connecting up all the different processes.

TruVidia Manager is a product you can truly rely on. Its stable hardware and software platform and innovative video cabling technology ensure reliable transmission quality.

Our TruVidia camera systems have provided the starting point for high-quality video signal generation in the OR for many years now. TruVidia Manager is a logical extension of the Trumpf Medical solutions portfolio, offering comprehensive video signal management in the OR.

TruVidia Manager optimizes your workflow in three modules:

Routing: distributing image sources to OR monitors

The intuitive user interface and fast system hardware allow signals to be distributed in real time to the monitors available in the OR. Thanks to the practical source preview function, you can maintain an overview of every situation.

Documentation: securely storing pictures and video data

The functions of the optional documentation module allow you to conveniently save and edit pictures and videos and export them to PACS or other data carriers for the purposes of secure documentation. Here, too, the intuitive user interface ensures precise, swift results. This permits you to efficiently document your operations from the word go.

Communication: exchanging information via video conference

Share information with colleagues and students in your own hospital or worldwide via an IP network with particularly efficient audio and video coding. TruVidia Manager offers you genuine bi-directional HD video quality with up to two parallel HD1080p channels and natural-sounding communication thanks to high-quality Trumpf Medical audio technology. Its compatibility with the H.323 and SIP video conferencing standards ensures that TruVidia Manager can be connected up with the video conference systems of many other manufacturers.

Easy operation.

With TruVidia Manager, you benefit from a reduced time requirement for training as well as from ease of use at all times. TruVidia Manager provides an intuitive and ergonomic user interface for all functions. The clear labels and color coding facilitate navigation, ensuring that you swiftly locate the functions you want.

Innovative technology.

TruVidia Manager is based on hardware and software specifically developed for use in ORs. All hardware components were designed to be compact and energy-efficient. Video signals are connected up using high-quality standard cables – a future-proof infrastructure with low installation costs which requires little maintenance and servicing.

Sparkling transmission quality.

Whether for routing, documentation or communication, Trumpf Medical video management offers you genuine HD1080 capability and optimized audio processing. What’s more, the video conferencing function features exclusive simultaneous transmission with two HD channels. A selection of high-quality HD monitors ensures end-to-end first-class image quality. Collaboration inside and outside your OR will benefit from this excellence in quality.


TruVidia Manager adapts to your needs. Choose the scope of installation and the number of functions you need. The Routing, Documentation, and Communication Modules can be upgraded and combined subsequently as required. What’s more, there is an extensive range of accessories with which you can continuously adapt the system to your requirements.

Cost effectiveness.

Innovative technologies have to be economical. This is why Trumpf Medical has reduced the amount of installation and training required to a minimum. TruVidia Manager’s modular, open architecture offers users great flexibility. A further advantage for day-to-day hospital work is that its automated processes and ease of operation accelerate your workflows and save valuable resources.


The more flexible, the better: TruVidia Manager has a small footprint, making it easy to integrate into existing infrastructure. This flexibility in placement helps to keep the OR environment uncluttered, so staff are not restricted in their movements.

TruVidia Manager: To be simply connected.
Routing Module  
  • Resolutions supported
From SD to HD1080p
  • Number of inputs
Up to 6 analog signals
Up to 8 digital signals
  • Number of outputs
Up to 6 analog signals
Up to 8 digital signals
  • Type of signal input
3G-/HD-/SD-SDI, DVI/HDMI, composite format (CV), VGA, RGB
Documentation Module  
  • Resolutions supported
From SD to HD 1080
  • Video encoder formats
MPEG2, MPEG4, ffdshow, LEAD, DivX, Xvid and others
  • Image file formats
bmp, jpeg, jpeg 2000, png, tiff
  • Special functions
Snapshot, video recording, video editing, adding info text to videos and pictures, exporting to USB stick, exporting to DICOM server (PACS), network and DVD, importing patient data via DICOM work lists
Communication Module  
  • Resolutions supported
Up to HD 1080p
  • Video channels
2 up to HD1080p
  • Video conference audio processing
Full-duplex, digital hi-fi
  • Special display layouts
PiP, PaP, 2 video channels on separate displays
  • Audio mixer
IN: 1 stereo, 1 mono, 2 mic., 1 Micpod (conference room microphone) OUT: 1 stereo, 1 mono
  • Special functions
On air light during recording or video conferencing; optional software license for video conferencing with 4 participants
System Data  
  • Rack size (h x w x d)
867 mm x 600 mm x 620 mm
  • Power consumption
Approx. 300 W
  • Weight
ca. 80 kg
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

General Applications

Distribution of image sources on OR monitors
Saving of images and video data
Exchange through video conference

TruVidia Manager

TruVidia Manager