Leasing options for the OR and ICU

Take advantage of Trumpf Medical's flexible payment schedules

Trumpf Medical offers innovative financing concepts to meet your needs and makes it easier for you to purchase first-class Trumpf Medical products and solutions at attractive leasing rates.

Take advantage of our flexible payment schedules.

Don't you want your patients to always have the very best treatment and everything that advanced technology can provide? Beyond that, do you want your hospital to obtain a technological lead over the competition? And do you want to do all this without having to invest too much at any one time? Then we have the answer for you: leasing. Innovation cycles have become shorter and shorter, especially in the world of medicine, and new surgical techniques are constantly placing new demands on equipment.

This is why we at Trumpf Medical are offering you, together with a partner, all of our OR and ICU products with an affordable monthly leasing agreement.

Here are the advantages for your hospital:

Instead of committing to a product for decades to come,

  • you can keep pace with development
  • and increase cost transparency, liquidity, budgeting confidence and financing flexibility,
  • all the time saving on investment taxes and overall costs
  • and benefiting from individual contracts and personal support throughout the lease period.