Patient Transfer: Made easy

Workflow patient transfer

Exhausting manual patient transfer has become a thing of the past.

The TRUMPF Medizin Systeme patient transfer unit is a stationary device for transferring patients at the interface between the sterile and non-sterile operating theatre areas. The patient is transferred virtually automatically from the bed to the operating table and vice versa.

The staff need only monitor the program sequence – supported by comprehensive safety features. That is patient transfer the easy way.

Patient transfer system ORBITER

A design to prevent back strain for the staff while offering a high degree of comfort for patients - those are expectations that ORBITER satisfies.

The patient is transferred simply, safely, and without physical stress for the staff.


Simple transfer

The TRUMPF patient transfer system is an excellent enhancement of workflow in the surgical department. The system is at the centre of your transfer portal and acts as the interface between the sterile and non-sterile areas.

Integration of climate control technology

A window that can be closed automatically lets you maintain positive pressure in your surgical department. Sterile and non-sterile areas are clearly separated.

Patient Transfer