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OR table systems from Trumpf Medical:

Intelligently handling your surgical challenge

OR table systems from Trumpf Medical enable patient transport into the operating room and easy patient positioning due to flexible components. Additionally, they support with assistance functions the clinical personnel during the daily work in the OR.

Our Surgical Tables Feature:

  • An array of table top options provides the user the right tool for the right case. 
  • Intuitive user interfaces for easier operation in daily surgical work
  • Lighter components and intuitive coupling point require less effort when setting up and configuring the table
  • Using force sensor technology, collision protection and overload protection help to enhance patient safety.
  • Intelligent solutions for hybrid surgery–integrated with CT, MRI and angiography systems

TruSystem™ 7500

The New Standard for OR Table Systems

TruSystem™ 7500 SensorLine

Intelligent Assistance for More Safety and Flexibility

TruSystem™ 7500 Hybrid

For Less Invasive Patient Treatment Due to Integration with Imaging Equipment

TruSystem™ 7500 MR Neuro

MR Neuro OR Tabletop for IMRIS Surgical Theatre

Power Shuttle

The first electric-motor shuttle for Trumpf Medical OR table systems

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