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Carbon Spine OR Tabletop

Specialty Tabletop for Spine Surgery on TruSystem™ 7500 OR Table


Safely perform complex spine surgery procedures with Trumpf Medical’s ergonomic and flexible Carbon Spine OR Tabletop. The surgical tabletop offers optimal surgical site access. Furthermore, with its vast variety of special pads *, components and accessories Carbon Spine OR Tabletop offers enhanced ergonomics for patients and clinical personnel.

From general to specialty - transform your OR to accommodate multiple functions with a single column, the TruSystem™ 7500 OR Table, and a wide range of exchangeable tabletops.

* Manufacturer of the positioning components: Amatech Corp.

Advantages at a glance

Optimal surgical site access

Optimal surgical site access

The low tabletop height and open foot room offer ideal surgical access to the patient
360° Radiolucency

360° Radiolucency

Enhanced intraoperative imaging capabilities with up to 64.6" (1.642 mm) of x-ray area in both standard and reverse patient orientation
Advanced Patient Positioning

Advanced Patient Positioning

Flexible positioning of special pads, components and accessories for various patient anatomies

Technical Data

The Carbon Spine OR Tabletop can be used with all stationary columns (SC) and all mobile columns (SM) versions of Trumpf Medical’s TruSystem™ 7500 OR Table family.

Material No.

# 2065423

Dimensions (L x W x H)

2050 mm x 432 mm x 270 mm | 80.7" x 17" x 10.6"

Longitudinal Slide

SC: 800 mm | 31.5"
SM: 600 mm | 23.0"

X-ray Area (cranial)

SC: 1642 mm x 432 mm | 64.6" x 17")
SM: 1442 mm x 432 mm | 56.7" x 17"

Adjustment speed longitudinal slide

80 mm/s | 3.1" in/s

Net Weight

ca. 95 kg | approx. 209.4 lbs

Max. Patient Weight Capacity

225 kg | 496 lbs in zero position
180 kg | 396 lbs with longitudinal shift