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MR Neuro OR Tabletop for IMRIS Surgical Theatre

Specialty Tabletop for Neuro Surgery on TruSystem™ 7500 OR Table


Safely perform complex neuro surgery procedures with Trumpf Medical’s specialized MR Neuro OR Tabletop. The MR conditional surgical tabletop offers with its lean design optimal intraoperative imaging access. With this unique concept, re-positioning of the patient from the OR tabletop to another tabletop for the MR scan is not necessary. Furthermore, with its special head fixation devices and inter-changeable OR table system it offers enhanced workflow for IMRIS surgical theatres.

From general to specialty - transform your OR to accommodate multiple functions with a single column, the TruSystem™ 7500 OR Table, and a wide range of exchangeable tabletops.

Advantages at a glance

MR Neuro OR Tabletop with Horseshoe Clamp

Optimal surgical site access

due to individual two-segmented tabletop

MR Neuro OR Tabletop with Scull Clamp

Anatomical adjusted head positioning

adaptable Head-Fixation Devices (HFD) 100/200 by IMRIS for flexible head positioning

MR Neuro OR Tabletop IMRIS MRI

Ideal intraoperative imaging access and enhanced workflow

TruSystem™ 7500 MR Neuro OR Table and IMRIS VISIUS iMRI System are ideally harmonized in scanning

MR Neuro OR Tabletop with Shuttle

Enhanced flexibility

with inter-changeable TruSystem™ 7500 OR Table System


Technical Data

The MR Neuro OR Tabletop can be used with all stationary columns (SC) and all fixed mounted columns (FC) versions of Trumpf Medical’s TruSystem™ 7500 OR Table family.

Material No.

MR Neuro OR Tabletop: EU # 2064887 | US # 2064888 | JP # 2064889
OR Column TruSystem 7500 Hybrid MR: # 2064886

Dimensions of Tabletop (L x W)

2412 mm x 520 mm | 95” x 20.5”

Side Rail Dimensions

EU: 25 mm x 10 mm | 1” x 0.4”
US: 28.6 mm x 9.5 mm | 1.1” x 0.4”
JP: 32 mm x 9 mm | 1.3” x 0.4”

Longitudinal Slide

472 mm | 18.6”

Net Weight

ca. 197 kg | 434 lbs

Maximum Load

Patient Weight: 180 kg | 397 lbs
Fixed Side Rail: 50 Nm | Clipped Side Rail: 25 Nm