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TruSystem™ 7500 Hybrid

For Less Invasive Patient Treatment Due to Integration with Imaging Equipment


The TruSystem 7500 Hybrid OR Table system can be used not only with the latest angiography systems but can also be combined with intraoperative CT and MRI. All you need for flexible patient treatment and optimum OR capacity usage.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optimum room for x-rays during transfemoral TAVI when combined with an angiography system
  • In combination with the CT, it allows optimum intraoperative imaging for spine and neuro procedures
  • Better results via intraoperative MRI for tumor resections in neurosurgery

Advantages at a glance

Ideal for Cardiovascular Surgery

Rapid speed of adjustment, of up to 7 inches (185 mm)  /sec while maintaining the isocenter by synchronous movement of a C-arm

Extremely Convenient to Operate

Free-floating movement via sensor technology is possible, even in the Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg position

Ideal for Neurosurgery

3D radiolucent skull clamp and ideal patient positioning during induction

Positioning in Neurosurgery

Flexible beach chair positioning in neurosurgery, even with X-Y adjustment option for Artis Zeego with iGuide technology

Ideal for Spinal Surgery

Full radiolucence of the spine is even possible in 3D

Ideal for Trauma and orthopedics

Full-body radiolucence in 3D possible thanks to 6.9ft. (2.10 m) extension.


Technical Data


TruSystem 7500 Hybrid (MC) – mobile column

TruSystem 7500 Hybrid (SC) – stationary column

TruSystem 7500 Hybrid (FC) – floor mounted column

Maximum load

880 lbs (400 kg)

Height adjustment


  • mobile column

20.1 in – 41.7 in (510 mm – 1,060 mm)

  • stationary column

19.3 in – 40.9 in (490 mm – 1,040 mm)


  • floor mounted column

20.5 in – 42.1 in (520 mm – 1,070 mm)


21.7 in (550 mm)

Trendelenburg/ Anti-trendelenburg

± 45°


± 30°

Rotation stationary column





Carbon table tops


Carbon FloatLine

Carbon X-TRA 7500

Carbon X-TRA 7500 short


Maximum load


  • Carbon FloatLine

496 lbs (225 kg)

  • Carbon X-TRA 7500/ short/ SQ14 X-TRA

397 lbs (180 kg)

Longitudinal slide


  • Carbon FloatLine

31.4 in (800 mm)

  • Carbon X-TRA 7500/ short

17.9 in (455 mm)

  • SQ14 X-TRA

13.8 in (350 mm)

Transversal slide


  • Carbon FloatLine

9.8 in (250 mm)

  • Carbon X-TRA 7500/ short

6.7 in (170 mm)

  • SQ14 X-TRA

6.9 in (176 mm)

Adjustment range of leg section joints SQ14 X-TRA

± 90°

Adjustment of lower back section joints SQ

± 90°


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