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Ceiling-mounted supply units from Trumpf Medical

Flexibility Redefined

Ceiling-mounted supply units from Trumpf Medical help design needs-based workstations in the OR, ICU, Emergency/Trauma and other departments in the hospital.

The modular design of Trumpf Medical’s ceiling-mounted supply unit TruPort, offers the flexibility to accommodate various room sizes and budgets.


  • Simple and intuitive to operate, with a long  reach and high load capacity.
  • Helps to unclutter your OR and ICU workstations
  • Easy to customize
  • Fit for the future: Modularity of the support head accommodates future accessories
    Customizable accessories and components can quickly and easily be repositioned or replaced  in multiple rooms
  • Innovative light solutions for workstation lighting
  • Docking trolley provides additional shelving for mobile workstations


Setting the standard for equipment management systems