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TruVidia™ HD-Camera

Premium Camera Solution in Full-HD Quality


TruVidia™ HD-Camera is distinguished by its high resolution, realistic display of the surgical site ensuring OR staff see every detail. Live stream operations or save video sequences for research, teaching or documentation purposes are also possible. TruVidia™ HD-Camera can be replaced by TruVidia™ 3D-Camera at any time.

Advantages at a glance

Powerful 3G-SDI Technology

With 3G-SDI technology, TruVidia® HD-Camera allows easy and reliable transmission of high resolution video data in 1080p. Unlike conventional transmission types, data can be transmitted across greater distances at a lower expense.

Realistic and Detailed Images

With pixels five times greater than analog, no detail remains hidden. Automatic synchronization of color temperature between the surgical light, camera and monitor ensure a realistic color rendering.

Local and Global Streaming

Digital streaming allows live transmissions from the operating room through existing network infrastructures – to the local lecture hall or to another surgeon across the globe.

Fast and Flexible Data Storage

Due to the USB storage function, snapshots and video sequences can be directly edited offline on a PC or laptop for reports, presentations or emails.


Technical Data




2 000 000 pixels

Horizontal resolution interlaced (all)

1 080 rows

Horizontal resolution progressive (DVI only)

1 080 rows







Focal length f

5.1 mm - 51 mm

Max. aperture diameter F

1.8 - 2.1




10 x


12 x

Signal/noise ratio

> 50 dB

Motorised image reorientation

> 360 °

Video signal outputs

1 x HD-SDI,

1 x 3G-SDI,

2 x DVI-D (with 1 x optical adapter),

1 x YUV,

1 x Y/C (only SD format),

1 x FBAS (only SD format),

1 x RJ 45

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