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TruVidia™ Wireless Camera

Better Image with Greater Flexibility


The TruVidia™ Wireless Camera (TVW) combines the present full-HD camera technology with the advantages of encrypted and wireless communication. High resolution images can then be transmitted to one base receiver or multiple monitors without any additional cables, making it easy to retrofit. It can be operated on the wall control panel or by a mobile tablet.

Advantages at a glance

Easy to Install

Installation only requires attaching a receiver to the back of the monitor. As a result, ORs can be quickly equipped without spending time laying separate data cables.

Reliable and Secure Broadcast

TruVidia™ Wireless Camera can communicate with up to three receivers and monitors, as well as, simultaneously transmit the encrypted video signal smoothly and reliably.

From Manual to Integrated

TruVidia™ Wireless Camera can be operated effortlessly by using either the touchscreen wall control panel or mobile tablet. Both variants offer an intuitive user interface.

Sterile Operation of All Functions

With TruVidia™ Wireless Camera, you can easily correct your field of view during the operation. The required functions can be controlled by the mobile tablet (sterile cover).

Fast and Flexible Data Storage

TruVidia™ Wireless Camera can save images from the operation quickly to a USB memory stick. This data can then be directly edited offline on a PC or laptop.


Technical Data



Horizontal resolution interlaced (all)

1 080 rows





Focal length f (mm) | (inch)

3.8 - 38 | 0.15 - 1.5

Max. aperture diameter F

1.8 - 3.4




 10 x


 12 x

Signal/noise ratio

> 50 dB

Motorised image reorientation

> 360 °

Video signal outputs

1 x 3G-SDI

1 x DVI (with adaptor)

Wireless / encrypted communication

5 GHz, AES II 128 Bit 


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