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Attract More Patients and Surgeons

Trumpf Medical offers innovative technology in OR tables, surgical lights, video systems and ceiling-mounted supply units. Our portfolio of products enhances visibility in intraoperative imaging, enabling your team to perform complex procedures on a wide variety of patients – all while giving you the flexibility to switch between minimally invasive procedures and open surgery.

The centerpiece of a hybrid OR is the imaging system and the surgical table. With an OR system table in your hybrid room, you gain full freedom for use in minimally invasive and interdisciplinary applications. The TruSystem™ 7500 OR System Table provides flexible room usage leading to adaptable scheduling and heightened uptime and, therefore, higher profitability.

Equip Your OR with Intelligent and Integrated Technology

A well-designed hybrid OR is critical for flexible utilization and efficient workflows. Our intelligent surgical lights, video systems, and modular ceilingmounted supply units provide adaptable, ergonomic solutions – regardless of the placement of your imaging devices.

Advantages at a glance

Hybrid OR Workflow, Equipment, Project Management

Easy and individual hybrid OR realization

with our 20 years of experience in hybrid OR workflows, equipment and overall project management.

Hybrid OR multiple applications and wide range of patient positioning solutions

Flexible use

of your Hybrid OR for multiple applications due to a wide range of patient positioning solutions.

Hybrid OR optimal workflow

Optimal workflow

in the hybrid OR due to flexible support arm systems for surgical lights, supply units and monitors.

Hybrid OR - Carbon FloatLine OR Tabletop allows for 2,100 mm radiolucency

Exceptional imaging performance

with Trumpf Medical’s integrated Hybrid OR Table TruSystem™ 7500. The Carbon FloatLine OR Tabletop allows for 2,100 mm radiolucency.

Hybrid OR surgical lighting

Intelligent surgical lighting

which automatically adapts and eliminates the need for manual adjustment.

Hybrid OR Individual patient positioning solutions for every imaging modality

Individual patient positioning solutions

for every imaging modality, e.g. MRI.

What our customers are saying about us

PD. Dr. med. Johannes Gahlen

PD. Dr. med. Johannes Gahlen

Medical Director, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Ludwigsburg Hospital, Germany

A hybrid OR opens opportunities for a wider range of procedures and, at the same time, significantly enhances outcomes through improved patient safety.


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