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The Hybrid OR – No Longer a Trend

“Hybrid operating rooms are state of the art. Nothing can be done any more without interventional surgery," says Dr. Thomas Zimmermann, Chief Physician at Freiberg Hospital.

In 2012, Freiberg Hospital added to its range of services by offering vascular surgery to its patients. However, getting there was a long journey preceded by extensive planning of the hybrid OR in consultation with all the relevant stakeholders. “You can only set up a vascular surgery service if you also offer interventions. Without a hybrid OR, that is practically impossible. Physicians who specialize purely in vascular surgery don't exist anymore — they have to be able to perform interventional surgery," Dr. Zimmermann explains.

Vascular surgery has now grown beyond the boundaries of the town of Freiberg. Located in a district of Central Saxony with a population of approximately 250,000, the hospital is running at full capacity.

"Here in Freiberg, we are able to diagnose and treat patients ourselves and, therefore, offer everything from a single source. As a result, we have a lot of patients and the cost of the hybrid OR was amortized quickly."

One of the major advantages of the new hybrid OR is that it can be used across a number of disciplines. Vascular surgery accounts for up to 80 percent of the room's usage with interventional pelvic and limb angiography, but also performs stent implantation and treatment for aortic aneurysms.

Ideal for patient positioning

Due to the range of possible interventions, Freiberg Hospital opted for the TruSystem™ 7500 System Table from Trumpf Medical. The table’s exchangeable tabletop system is compatible with the other OR tables used at the clinic and communicates with the Siemens Artis zeego®. Both the OR table and the imaging system can be controlled simultaneously using the Artis zeego® mobile control module.

Since May of 2016, the Carbon FloatLine tabletop has been in use in the hybrid OR. "The table is ideal for positioning, and there are a lot of accessories. I can position patients exactly how I want. We are extremely pleased with the new OR tabletop," enthuses Dr. Zimmermann. "Previous to the Carbon Floatline, we weren't able to treat extensive aneurysms. The OR tabletop is very well suited to transbrachial and transfemoral procedures. Now, due to its flexibility and maximum scan positioning length of 1.75 m*."

A major advantage of the hybrid OR is the flexibility, specifically for anesthetists, who can choose between positioning at the head or foot end.

A major advantage of the hybrid OR is the flexibility, specifically for anesthetists, who can choose between positioning at the head or foot end.

Dr. Zimmermann says he is completely satisfied with the design of his hybrid OR. In addition to the standard set of monitors in the hybrid room, Dr. Zimmerman requested a second set of monitors that can be sterilely adjusted by the surgeon. Trumpf Medical fulfilled this request by expanding the dual‐arm configuration of the two TruLight™ 5000 OR lights to include a third light arm to accommodate two monitors.

Dr. Thomas Zimmermann

Dr. Thomas Zimmermann, Chief Physician at Freiberg Hospital, Germany

Due to the wide variety of application possibilities in a hybrid room, staff training is essential in order to utilize the room to its maximum efficiency. "The training sessions were very good and are repeated at regular intervals so that the whole team of doctors and nurses can gradually be trained," explains the Chief Physician. Because the majority of the OR staff has been trained on the hybrid system, it can generally be used 24 hours a day.

"I control the system myself and set up my workstation so that it's just how I need it. That was also a reason why we chose Siemens Artis zeego®.  A conventional C‐arm would require more personnel.“

"We like working with the new system," the Chief Physician summarizes. "Everything is just right for us. We are very pleased."

Freiberg Hospital, Central Saxony, Germany

Freiberg Hospital, Central Saxony, Germany