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TruSystem® 7000 OR Table

OR Table With Unprecedented Flexibility


TruSystem® 7000 Operating Table meets the key demands of surgical teams in the OR: It is user-friendly, reliable, flexible, and expandable.

TruSystem® 7000 Operating Table is made for various applications and surgical procedures in today's ORs allowing you and your team can concentrate on the patient - not on the surgical equipment.

Advantages at a glance

Collision Monitoring for More Safety

Integrated collision avoidance with the floor and OR table for increased patient safety during surgery. 

Overload Protection

Intelligent sensor technology alerts the user when the table or patient is in a compromising position, reducing the risk of tipping or falling in extreme positions — ideal for bariatric patients weighing up to 1,000 lbs / 450 kg.

Optimum Access

With the slim column design and longitudinal adjustment of up to 18 inches ± 0.4 inches (46 cm ± 1cm), radiolucency of 5 ft. (1.53 m) can be attained with specialty components.

Intuitive Coupling Point System

The self-aligning connect and lock coupling point system includes an oversized latch hook and its mating component. Its exterior placement gives your staff full visibility of the coupler’s locked or unlocked state, in addition to an audible “click” confirming when the component is correctly and safely attached to the table.

Lightweight Construction

Weight of all removable components was reduced by 25% from previous models

Intuitive to Operate

Table articulation feedback upon every adjustment for improved communication in the OR



Technical Data


TruSystem 7000 – Standard

TruSystem 7000 (MBW) – with Motorized Base and Wireless Interface

Maximum Load

1,000 lbs
(450 kg)

Height Adjustment

23 in – 45 in (± 0.4 in)
(59 cm – 114 cm (± 1 cm))


22 in ± 0.4 in
(55 cm ± 1 cm)

Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg

± 45°


± 30°

Longitudinal Slide

18 in ± 0.4 in
(46 cm ± 1 cm)

Adjustment Range of Leg Section Joints

+ 90° / - 105°

Adjustment of Lower Back Section Joints

+ 90° / - 45°

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