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OR System Tables from Trumpf Medical™:

Assisting you with your surgical challenges.

Trumpf Medical's OR system tables enable patient transport into the operating room and easy patient positioning due to adaptable components.

Our Surgical Tables Features:

  • A variety of tabletop options provide the user with the right tool for the right case 
  • Intuitive user interfaces for easy operation in daily surgical work
  • Lightweight components and intuitive coupling points require little effort when setting up and configuring the table
  • Using force sensor technology, collision and overload protection help to enhance patient safety.
  • Innovative solutions for hybrid surgery that communication with CT, MRI and angiography systems

TruSystem® 7500 OR Table

Cutting-Edge Technology, Now and in the Future

TruSystem® 7500 SensorLine Table

Intelligent Functionality for Increased Safety and Flexibility

TruSystem® 7500 Hybrid Table

Enhanced Visibility with Integrated Imaging Equipment

Power Shuttle

The first electric-motor shuttle for Trumpf Medical OR table systems

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