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Trumpf Medical™ Modular Booms:

Flexibility Redefined

The modular design of Trumpf Medical’s TruPort® Booms allow for greater flexibility and improved ergonomics in the OR, ICU, Emergency / Trauma and other departments of the hospital. 


  • Fit for the Future: Flexible architecture allows for easy customization of components and accessories 
  • All-around Adaptability: Modular service heads can be equipped along the entire length of all four sides
  • Enhanced Ergonomics: Innovative components and optional vertifical articulation provide for an accommodating and intuitive system
  • Intelligent Interface: Provides low-voltage power to braking systems, lighting, and other accessories
  • Dynamic Flexiblity: Ability to accommodate various room types, sizes, and budgets
  • Purposeful Design: Closed, flush-fitting surfaces help to ease cleaning

TruPort® Booms

Providing flexibility for equipment management systems