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TruLight® 5000 Series of Surgical Lights

Intelligence in Detail


Simple to use and lightweight, the TruLight® 5000 Series of Surgical Lights can be easily positioned and adapted to meet the requirements of your procedure or operation.  The flexible design, multi-lens matrixes, adjustable color temperature, and the optional camera integration or Adaptive Light Control feature all make this light versatile enough for any surgical application.

Advantages at a glance

Fully adjustable

The color temperature adjustment feature ensures optimum contrast and ideal lighting of all tissue areas. The innovative, optical design and ability to adjust the light field diameter ensure a continuous illumination of the surgical site.

Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus)

The automatic focus feature enables the surgical site to be optimally lit: if the light is moved, the integrated motion detector automatically measures the distance from the site and adjusts the illumination level accordingly. 

Efficiency and Durability

TruLight® 5500 Surgical Light’s powerful LEDs emit a high light output while only producing a minimal amount of heat, enabling a longer life cycle.

Enhanced Communication

Optionally equip your light with the TruVidia® Camera and monitor holder solutions, which can be incorporated into the Trumpf Medical lighting systems in full HD quality.  

Flexible in all situations

The lightweight head and center-mounted yoke make the TruLight® 5500 Surgical Light easy to maneuver. Non-sterile outer handles with integrated LEDs offer improved visibility in darkened room environments. 

Good for the Environment

The efficient and durable LED lighting system minimizes the use of hazardous substances, utilizes recyclable aluminum for improved LED life expectancy, and ships in recyclable packaging.  

Product video



Technical Data







Lighthead Size without Handles



Lighthead Size with Handles



Illumination Level Ec at 1 m (lx)



Pattern Size (d10) at 1 m (cm) | (inch)

16 - 23 | 6.3" - 9.1"

Color Temperature (K)


Color Rendering Index (Ra

max. 96

Average Service Life of the LEDs (Hours)

> 60,000

Camera Preparation






Adaptive Light Control Plus (ALC Plus)






Sterile Light Control (SLC)





*With Camera Module Installed

Values are subject to a general industry tolerance of ± 10%.

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