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TruHybrid™ Solutions is a platform of intelligently aligned, intuitive products and components. Solutions combining individual table systems, OR surgical lights, integrated and ceiling-mounted booms and video solutions deliver excellent performance while meeting the complex requirements of hybrid ORs. Imaging technology can also be easily integrated, supporting safety during surgical procedures, as well as seamless workflows.

Advantages at a glance


Sensor Control Floatline™  functionality enables the "free-floating" TruSystem® 7500 Operating Table to be moved in all directions, making it even more convenient and safe for surgeons to perform procedures. 

Fast Set-up

The TruPort® Booms, surgical lights, and monitors can be set up quickly and efficiently, leaving plenty of room for imaging equipment and OR staff. 

Collision Prevention

The TruSystem®  7500 Operating Table is synchronized with imnaging systems, ensuring optimal protection against collisions. 

Imaging Performance

Our OR tables feature numerous carbon elements that ensure optimal radiological coverage of the patient's entire body, enabling multi-disciplinary use of the OR to support sophisticated positioning in various positons. 

Safe Patient Transfer

Mobile power shuttles optimize workflows by enabling staff to transfer patients within the operating room environment safely and quickly. 


Advanced arm maneuverability enables the monitors to be repositioned easily for a more convenient and effective working environment. 


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